Team Building

The experiential outdoor activity on a sailing boat, aimed at Team building, is certainly one of the most effective. The boat is the ideal place to ensure the active participation of each member of the team, there is the opportunity
to read the word team as the acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More.
Sharing the clarity of common objectives, recognizing the importance of priorities,becoming aware that every single “action” of each individual member of the team can negatively or positively affect the entire crew and the correct trim of the boat; these are the essential elements that stimulate proactivity in the people on board, the systemic approach and the development of an evolved form of “collective intelligence”. Of course, the Team Building experience on a sailing boat will be designed with due attention to the type of participants, their physicality and with the utmost respect for the needs of each participant. For many years now we have made use of the collaboration and advice of a team of qualified and certified trainers and coaches in experiential activity according to the O.M.T.® utdoor Management Training® method, with Bruno Bozza and Elisabetta Magnani
we are ready to find the best solution for your needs.