Yacht Management: 3 opportunities


We do make work your boat, new or used.

The owner gets rid of repairs and storage issues, handling fees, mooring, routine and maybe even extraordinary maintenance, and partly pays for the cost of acquisition.
He also has the possibility to use the boat when it is not rented and / or in periods agreed in advance knowing that the boat is always ready at buoy.
Dea dei Mari makes life easier for the owner because we know how to maintain a boat used for rental, we take charge of the costs of marketing and customers management, sharing revenues with the shipowner as a percentage of the rental business.

Boat Care

We take care of your boat.

We check the boat in port to let you all find it clean and ready to navigate to your destination. We can perform actions of rapid intervention also for all those small repairs which always a boat needs to be efficient and comfortable. When the boat needs new equipment or improvements of equipment, is part of our work to make suggestions on what, where and who to call.

Buying advice

We help you choose your boat.

A boat that meets your needs which you will buy with all the necessary guarantees, giving you a technical and operational support such as supervision of work on site, the insurance policies, the review of security systems and everything that may be needed including research and management of crews.

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